7 Pretty Flowering Succulents for Your Indoor Garden

7 Pretty Flowering Succulents for Your Indoor Garden

Flowering succulents can be a great addition to any indoor garden. Often, they are incredibly low maintenance, making them ideal for anyone who doesn’t think they have a green thumb. Plus, they add spectacular colours to your interior.

If you enjoy the look of live flowers but prefer to have living plants that don’t require too much attention, flowering succulents can be the way to go. Here’s what you need to know about flowering succulents for indoor gardens as well as a few species worth considering.

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Why Plant Flowering Succulents in Your Indoor Garden

When most people picture succulents, plants with glossy, bright green foliage and stunning texture usually come to mind. But there are also a wide variety of flowering indoor succulents, allowing you to imbue fantastic colour into your indoor garden landscape.

Like the non-flowering versions, most flowering succulents are incredibly low maintenance. They don’t require much watering or care to be at their best. Additionally, they come in a range of sizes. You can group several together in a large pot to create a breathtaking display or opt for single plants to create your ideal look.

Ultimately, the low care needs and stellar colouring make flowering succulents a worthwhile addition to your indoor garden. Just make sure that you review the care instructions to keep yours in the best shape possible.

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7 Beautiful Flowering Succulents for Your Indoor Garden

If you aren’t sure which flowering succulents might meet your needs, here are seven worth checking out.

1. Christmas Cactus

With proper care, a blooming Christmas cactus has large flowers in warm colours, usually ranging from purple to red to pink. Since the bulk of the plant is a vibrant green, the blossoms stand out.

Caring for a Christmas cactus isn’t overly complicated. In general, these plants like to be a bit root-bound. As far as watering, you can typically wait until the topsoil is dry before adding any more water.

christmas cactus

2. Crown of Thorns

If you want a prolific bloomer, the Crown of Thorns is a great choice. As a flowering succulent, it’s care needs are minimal. The somewhat waxy green leaves serve as an amazing backdrop for the vibrant blooms, which typically come in with magenta hues and delicate yellow centers.

Growing a Crown of Thorns successfully isn’t a significant challenge. As a result, it can be a great plant for beginning indoor gardeners.

3. Pincushion Cactus

If you prefer your blooms bright pink, the Pincushion cactus might be the flowering succulent for you. Growing one is a breeze thanks to the plant’s drought-tolerant nature. You really don’t have to worry about watering too much, as the soil can get a bit dry in between watering.

However, you do need to make sure your Pincushion cactus can get about four hours of direct sunlight a day if you want it to thrive. Additionally, it is a spiny cactus, so you do need to exercise caution when watering or handling, and keep it away from curious children or pets.

4. Jade Plant

If purple is more your thing, the Jade plant can be a great flowering succulent for your garden. Many of these succulents bloom in shades of lavender, which stands out against green foliage. Others have white or pink flowers, so you’ll want to see if you can get a look at the blooms before you buy one.

Plus, the Jade plant is a great option for beginners who want a larger plant. It’s incredibly hearty and requires very little care, but can reach heights of three to four feet even when grown indoors.

It can be a bit tricky to encourage Jade plants to bloom indoors. However, it isn’t so difficult that most indoor gardeners can’t make it happen in the late winter or early spring.

jade plant

5. Marble Buttons

For those who would prefer to stay away from pink hues, the Marble Buttons is a great choice. Along with the unique marble-like plant structure, you get terrific orange-hued flowers. Some bloom closer to yellow while others lean towards a deeper orange. However, the colouring is always reminiscent of autumn.

6. Red Yucca

While it looks a bit more like an ornamental grass than a succulent, the Red Yucca is a beautiful flowering succulent. The flowers come in on thin stalks, usually in vibrant red tones.

The Red Yucca usually does best in hot climates and outdoors. But, if it has access to a bright, sunny window, you can grow it inside. Just understand that it’s highly drought tolerant and capable of handling extreme heat, so you want to avoid overwatering and try to make sure it’s warm enough to flourish.

7. Peanut Cactus

Another flowering succulent with bright orange or white blossoms, the Peanut cactus is compact but offers quite a visual punch. The flowers are surprisingly large for the plant’s size, making it a fun addition to an indoor garden. Plus, it’s easy to care for, making it a low maintenance option.

Unlike many other cacti, the spines on the Peanut cactus are mainly smooth. As a result, it doesn’t pose much of a danger to children or pets. Just make sure you place it in a sunny spot if you want it to thrive, particularly if you live in a cooler climate.

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